David Stastny

Dresner Partners maintains a partnership with Centaur Partners, LLC to increase coverage of the technology sector. David is a Managing Director and the Founder of Centaur, a rapidly growing investment banking firm providing financial advisory service for Technology companies. Their primary focus is mergers and acquisitions plus private and public fund raising transactions.

From 1999 through 2010, Mr. Stastny was senior managing member of both the Osprey and GKM Ventures family of funds. Osprey Ventures was a $92 million dollar expansion stage fund investing in the technology sector. GKM Ventures was $81 million SBIC fund with the same expansion stage technology focus.

The GKM and Osprey Funds owned equity and debt positions in thirty five (35) portfolio companies during the life of the Funds. Mr. Stastny has supported and assisted in achieving positive IPO and M&A investor liquidity transactions with eighteen (18) portfolio GKM and Osprey companies including:

  • Ellie Mae completed an IPO in May 2011 and Follow on offering in June 2012, the company has completed five (5) successful acquisition since 2000.
  • BuyDirect acquired by Beyond,com [BYND]
  • CyberGold [CGLD], completed its initial public offering (IPO) then was acquired by United Airlines Mileage Plus [UAUA]
  • Panopticon completed a merger with Kana Software [KANA]
  • Hotpaper completed a merger with GoAmerica [GOAM], (5) Lara Networks completed a merger with Cypress Semiconductor [CY]
  • Epicentric was acquired by Vignette [VIGN]
  • BlueStar Solutions was acquired by Affliated Computer Systems [ACS]
  • AppShop was acquired by US Internetworking Inc., USinternetworking was acquired by AT&T [T]
  • GlobalSight was acquired by Transware PLC
  • Netbotz was acquired byAPC [APCC]
  • Market Wire was acquired by CCNMatthews Company
  • Voyager Systems completed a merger with TriTech
  • Size Technologies was acquired by First Data Corp. [FDC]
  • ETI Inc., acquired by Versata, Inc.
  • Oxford Semiconductor acquired by (PLXT)
  • Sabrix , Inc was acquired by Thompson Reuters [R]
  • Advanced Data Exchange was acquired by Liason Technologies
From 1990 to 1999, Mr. Stastny held senior investment banking positions at Soundview Financial Group, (sold to WIT Capital ), Oppenheimer and Co. (sold to CIBC World Markets) and Robertson Stephens & Co. (sold to Bank of America and then Fleetbank).

Mr. Stastny was the lead and/or senior banker on a large number of premier technology IPOs, follow-on offerings, buy and sellside M&A advisory, hostile takeover defense, private placements, spinouts and restructurings.