Direct Investing For Family Offices

  • Diamond Wealth Strategies, Inc. is bringing together a select group of Family Offices to invest together in direct private equity opportunities without the high cost and inflexibility of traditional private equity fund investing.
  • Diamond will vet and select a small number of highly successful private sponsor private equity firms with specific expertise in a broad range of business sectors.
  • Pre negotiated discounts will allow Diamond members to invest without the high cost of traditional PE investing.
  • Members will be permitted to individually opt in or out of each transaction.
  • Each potential transaction will be highly scrutinized by Diamond's experienced PE professionals and be subject to a strict approval process before being presented to members.
  • All members will be treated equally and investment opportunities will be made available on a first come first serve basis. Minimum and maximum investments will be established for each transaction.

Private Equity Partners

Akoya Capital

Slate Capital

Bridge Investments

City Capital Ventures

Hughes & Company

Red Dog Equity