We are pleased to announce that Diamond Wealth Strategies has entered into a partnership with Alpha Venture Partners (www.alphavp.com).

Alpha Ventures serves as an advisor to Pritzker Group Venture Capital (PGVC) and other leading institutions and large Family Offices. Their advisors lead or co-lead transactions. Hence, with a company’s permission, they often refer quality direct investment opportunities to their limited partners. Alpha enables early stage venture capitalists to capitalize on their later stage winners. Due to fund mandates and constraints, early stage founders often lack the capital necessary to follow on in their winners, leaving large opportunities on the table. Alpha can act fast to provide growth and expansion stage capital to early stage VC firms to capitalize their later stage portfolio companies.


Alpha provides access to un-auctioned growth and expansion stage rounds in category leading companies. Their current portfolio has grown at 100% & 4 year CAGR. Portfolio net asset value tends to track these growth rates. In the last two years, their fund has generated $50 million in co-investments for their fund LPs.


Growth stage to Expansion stage rounds. Typically, C rounds or later. On initial investment, their companies often have north of $20 million in revenue. They like to see that a company has the capability to be profitable within two years and to exit within four years. Although they don’t invest out of their fund in companies at the Seed and Series A stage, they match a select few of the earlier stage companies they see to their network of early stage investors.


Their focus is in the Software and Information Technology sectors, including: E-commerce, Mobile, Social, Business Process Outsourcing, Information Services, and Tech-Enabled Services. They seek companies that serve a large industry or multiple industries with a platform or marketplace, and are category leaders in their respective sectors.

This is a big step in the evolution and growth of Diamond Wealth Strategies. We now have the capability of offering world class venture capital advice to our 85 Family Office clients. We vetted hundreds of venture capital firms throughout the United States and feel that by choosing Alpha Venture Partners, we are partnering with "best in class”. This gets us one step closer to becoming the only holistic, full service financial services company that caters exclusively to the unique goals and objectives of Family Offices.